Does the VoIP bill interface with my network supplier bill?

There is no relation with your Network Supplier bill. You will not be charged anything extra for recieving calls or making calls. You will only be charged a small monthly payment like 1.25$ for USA, UK etc., for purchasing the number. There is no contracts or commitments. You can cancel the number when ever you wish to cancel it.

What do I need to get started for incoming number (VOIP)?

You need to sign up if you dont have an account. If you have an account with us select incoming number on the the production selection and chose the country you want to buy the number and check out. The number will be assigned to your account. You will need to login into the PC, Mobile or Tablet to get incoming calls to that number. You can share the number with all your friends and family. This is the cheapest option for people living abroad. For example you can buy a US number and give it to your family in other country. It will be local call for you when you dial the number. Also, it is expensive to call a mobile phone in any country. You can use this number as a second number for people to call you on mobile. Once you log in to Northeast voip Application. You can receive all incoming calls to the number assigned to you.

What is North East Voip and how does it work?

North East Voip is a Voice carrier. The business model is to terminate voice traffic of telcom carriers, corporates, mobile network operators, long distance service providers, call shops and calling card operators and voice resellers. We also provide individual accounts to make voip calls through voip phone